Domestic Air Conditioning

Domestic air conditioning has increasingly become popular, with the homeowner enjoying the same level of comfort you get in your car, office or favourite restaurant.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

DEA Technologies are able to offer a wide range of commercial air conditioning services to new and existing clients in Cape Town.

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Geyser Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are South Africa’s fastest growing water heating solution. They are much less expensive to run than other forms of water heating, and are environmentally friendly.

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Regular maintenance can improve the performance and life of your unit. DEA technologies can offer a service programme to suit your needs.

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Our Major Brands

LG is committed to bringing its customers comfort and has produced a large range of air conditioners that do just that. LG has designed stylish, smart, reliable and functional air conditioners designed to help make Life Good

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Air Conditioning Solutions from a Trusted Brand at the heart of family living is the home, a place full of special moments and wonderful memories where families live and grow in their own unique way.

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Daikin set themselves apart from the competition by offering technologically innovative products, and backing them up with outstanding limited warranties and expert, friendly service.

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For over 135 years, York has been building a reputation for quality. Nearly all of York’s air conditioners display the ENERGY STAR® label. Don't just take our word about York quality.

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Midea grew from what was once a local workshop into a global leading air conditioning systems and consumer appliance manufacturer. The Midea brand launched in South Africa in 2013 and has quickly taken up one of the leading air conditioning market positions, with a national sales and service network with branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and sales/service agents in Bloemfontein and Nelspruit, and has expanded its footprint into Namibia.   The secret to commercial success: find a need and fill it! That, in short, is the story of Fourways Airconditioning. Anja Wapenaar, Bets Wapenaar, Graziano Wolfaardt and Richard Perry, now MD of Fourways Airconditioning, saw a gap in the market when it came to fast, on-the-spot service to Aircon installers, along with long-term parts and service back-up.


Air Conditioning Cape Town

Welcome to DEA Technologies - providing a range of high quality heating, refrigeration and air conditioning services in Cape Town. From cooling you down, to providing hot water on tap with the latest Geyser heat pumps, Cape Town's experts at DEA can deliver cost- and energy-efficient solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

Air Conditioning:

Founded in 2005, DEA Technologies has seen a rapid growth in the demand for air conditioning in Cape Town. Due to the development of smaller, more efficient domestic units, many homeowners are finding their comfort increased with the installation of our cutting-edge air conditioning. Cape Town businesses also report increased productivity and greater morale, with more comfortable employees thinking less about cooling down and focusing more on their task in hand. Air conditioning in Cape Town can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your company output - talk to DEA today and we'll discuss the advantages of our system with you.


If your business relies on keeping food and drinks cool, talk to DEA Technologies about the design and installation of reliable and effective refrigeration in Cape Town. Cape Town's shops and restaurants often turn to us for expert help and advice when it comes to refrigeration, and we can provide a completely new system, or inspect and service your old one to ensure it's running at peak efficiency. With our climate, accurate and efficient refrigeration in Cape Town is essential for food safety and customer satisfaction; so if your refrigeration fails - don't wait - call DEA Technologies today for a one-off repair or service on your refrigeration system.

Heat Pumps:

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have the latest Geyser heat pumps. With Cape Town benefiting from so many hours of annual sunshine, heat pumps Cape Town are an extremely efficient way of heating your home's water supply - using up to 70% less household energy. Quiet, compact and easy to install, heat pumps in Cape Town homes are becoming increasingly popular, taking the sun's free energy and using it to heat water with a fully automatic thermostatic control.

For more information on all our air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump solutions in Cape Town, visit our 'Contact Us' page now to get in touch